Local Connect

It becomes very important to have local connect to make things easier to take of the property and to assist the tenant who is going to move into the property.

Negotiation for Rental

We get you a reasonable rent with relevant escalation clauses with rent

Coordination for Inspection

We ensure proper coordination for the physical inspection of the property

Tenant Background Check

To avoid unwanted experience with tenant it becomes very important to check the background of the tenant. This helps to understand the nature and behavior of the tenant that can be expected when they are renting your property.

Legal Specs

To avoid any legal implication attached with the tenant in the near future, it becomes very important to have your legal documents in place so that no tenant treat your asset as their future property.

Police Verification

One of the most important aspect of leasing any property on lease is the Police NOC (No Objection Certificate), which not only gives safety but security towards any illegal or false claim towards the property.

Legal and Society Formalities

There are Legal and Society formalities like Multiple Permissions which takes a lot of time and coordination which we are aware of as it helps us to plan things well in advance so that the transaction is smooth and hassle-free.


It becomes very important that when our customer requires our presence for decision making, we as a Real Estate Advisor are always available for them. The same goes for the tenant, if any requirement crops up which needs our presence, we are available for them.

House Inspection at intervals

We do inspection of the house as and when required by the owner. It helps not only the tenant for any feedback about the property but also the owner which helps him to take informed decision about his property.

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