Exclusive selling and marking of a project


Sales Force

It becomes very important to have the right set of sales force at the site to run it smoothly. When it comes to skilled work force, it requires continuous training to groom their skill set.

Market Competition

With updated market information in Real Estate Markets, it helps us change our sales pitch accordingly.

Pricing Strategy

Any deal to close, pricing becomes an important factor of the Strategy. With extensive local market knowledge, we assist you in planning a road map for different pricing strategy at different milestone of sales.

Channel Partner Connect

We are well connected with the Channel Partner or Broker network. We have our network not only across cities but also in countries like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK

Marketing Strategy

For any project or a product launch, Marketing Strategy plays a very vital role in how to go about in the market. It helps in driving our sales volume with the support of various activity that comes with detailed planning that will be put into action to drive those targeted numbers. It also helps in understanding of budget that needs to be kept in mind while running any campaign and for its success.

Negotiation & Closure

“A good negotiator flatters the seller not the product”.

Our exceptional knowledge of the real estate markets and our seasoned on-ground expertise helps us not to only understand a customer but also come to a closure. It is important to close a deal with a full detailed description so that there is no hidden information that breaks the deal.

After Sales Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) plays a very important role in not only connecting with the customers for the payments but maintaining a relationship and for further referral business. We have an SOP that is in place to take care of after sales service for our customers who has brought it with us.

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