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Property Buyer Guide

Q: Should I buy or Continue to Rent a Property

Actually, these two are highly important questions to ask yourself.

If you want to continue Renting then


  • The biggest advantage with renting is that you will be free of most of the maintenance costs
  • You don’t need to worry about EMI payment
  • You can rent a bigger apartment which you couldn’t dream of buying.


  • You lose the chance to build an asset
  • You can’t take advantage of tax benefits
  • You need to be ready for rent escalation.
  • You may not have the right to decorate as you like without permission
  • Will always be at the mercy of the homeowner when it comes to terminating the rental lease.

If you are Planning to Buy a Property then


  • You Own an Asset 
  • Your EMI payment is like building equity and that becomes an investment.
  • You are entitled to tax benefit 
  • You can earn rent out of it 
  • You have an emotional connect with the property.


  • You must have a steady source of income from your business or your job
  • You must have a good record of paying your Credit Card bills, past loans and few other aspects which will reflect in your credit (CIBIL) score which is helpful for your home loan.
  • You must have money saved for making a down payment
  • You must have the ability to pay a substantial amount of EMI every month plus other costs
  • You Must be ready for Monthly Maintenance of the property

Q: What Should I Look For When Selecting a Dream Home

Few Question that you need to ask yourself to get a better understand while choosing your right apartment

  • Is there enough room for the present and the future as your family grows?
  • Are the bedroom sizes big enough?
  • How many Bathrooms does It have?
  • How many are attached with the bedroom?
  • Is the home pleasant, airy and does it have ample natural light?
  • Does it have pre-installed mechanical and electronics systems and appliances, are they in working condition?
  • Do you like the floor plan?
  • Do you like the surroundings of your home?
  • Will your furniture fit in the space?
  • Is there enough storage space for all your needs?
  • Imagine the home in day and night, in good and bad weather?
  • Will you feel happy and secure inside round the year?
  • Are the legal documents of the property clean and clear?
  • Have you done due diligence on the property?
  • Do consider each and every home that you inspect and ask Spectraa Real Estate Advisory to highlight the pros and cons of each home from a professional and legal standpoint

We at Spectraa Real Estate Advisory will show you at least 4 to 5 Properties before coming to a conclusion .

Q: What is Home Inspection

A home inspection is an examination of the condition of a Real Estate property.

It will not evaluate whether or not you are getting a fair value on the house. It will only check give you an understanding of the repairing involved for that Property

Q: Checklist for Home Inspection

Few things to keep in mind while doing a home inspection

  • The Civil Work
  • The Electrical System
  • The Plumbing System
  • Potential Pest Problem
  • Fixtures and their quality
  • Pipe Gas Connection
  • Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Walls, Floors and Roofs.

Get in touch with Spectraa Real Estate Advisory for any assistance

Q: How should I come up with the right Pricing of a Property

To calculate right pricing, you can take guidance from Spectraa Real Estate Advisory but ofcourse it is your own instinct that will finally decide what you think is the right price for the house that you plan to own.

To calculate the offer price, you must keep several factors in mind like,

  • The price ofsimilar properties in that area
  • The condition of the Property
  • How long the house has been on the market
  • Your Financial Planning
  • Seller’s Situation
  • Legal specs

Check list for Ready to Move in Property

Few things that need to be checked before buying a Ready to move in Property

  • Chain of Agreements
  • Mortgage on the property
  • Valuation of the Property by Bank
  • Pending payment towards Society
  • Purpose of the sale of Property

Get in touch with Spectraa Real Estate Advisory for any assistance

Property Seller Guide

Important & Guiding Tips for Property Seller

Important & Guiding Tips for Property Seller

Be Patient

  • Once your property is in the market it will take time. Any process after you finalize on pricing, it will take atleast 2 to 6 months to close the deal.

Pricing must be realistic 

  • Don’t Create a wrong impression by pricing it high and then reducing it. A reputable listing agent can help you here. He knows the current pricing trend of a property in that particular area.

Be Flexible during Property Inspection 

  • Never turn down any house inspection. The best way to sell your home is to let a buyer inside with their buyer’s agent to tour in peace. Leave the house when buyer’s agents show up. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Plus, buyer’s agents prefer to show without interference.

Insist on Good Photography 

  • If you have hired a top-notch listing agent or broker, your agent most likely already provides professional photos. It’s not enough to just get the angle right in the photo. 

Revert back Promptly to an Offer 

  • Try to respond promptly to an offer either by accepting their offer or issuing a counteroffer. Remember, if you are selling, it is because you need to buy a new home. You are no different when you are a home buyer yourself. Remember one more important aspect of an offer, it contains a date by which the offer expires.

Accommodating Buyers Payment Schedule 

  • Try to accommodate buyers payment schedule and the way he is going to pay. Do consult your agent to understand if there are any legal implication in the mode by which the seller is offering to pay.

Legal Specs

  • Either you have a legal advisor or you ask your broker to get you a person who he has been working together to get the legal paper checked for you made by the buyer’s legal.

Transfer of Ownership

  • See to it that name has been transferred in Share Certificate, Property Tax, Electricity Bill, Pipe Gas Bill so that your not bothered in the near future for pending work. As your broker or Real Estate Agent is there to guide you for this work.

Check if you come under Capital Gain Tax

  • If you sell a house within 24 months, you have to pay an STCG (Short Term Capital Gain) tax on the gains as per your income-tax slab. After 24 months, you have to pay an LTCG (Long Term Capital Gain) tax, which is charged at 20% with indexation benefits.

Section 54 gives you an exemption if you sell a property and buy another one.

Any Query then please get in touch with Spectraa Real Estate Advisory for any assistance.

Q: How important is the look and feel of the house during inspection?

It is one of the biggest factors to determine the pricing of any house.

Usually a lot of developers spend time to keep their apartments attractive so that there is an emotional connect when the buyer enters the apartment with his family.

It triggers 4 out of 5 sensory organs of a person like

  • Eyes (Lighting and Interior Decor)
  • Touch Feeling (Texture and Finishing)
  • Ears (Soft Music)
  • Nose (Smell)

For More Information or guidance contact Spectraa Real Estate Advisory

Tips to keep in mind during Customer inspection

Things to keep in mind during Customer Inspection which can be your deal maker or deal breaker


  • Greet the Buyers entering your home
  • Keep a room freshener in the bathrooms
  • Keep the house neat and clean
  • Turn on all the Lights for better View
  • Repair cracks or any leakage issues in the apartment


  • Avoid using the kitchen during inspection
  • Avoid strong smell cooking during the inspection
  • During the conversation with the Buyer, avoid talking about personal matters
Rental Property Guide

Tips identify a right tenant for your property

It becomes very important to identify the right tenant or it can turn out to be a nightmare

  • Do a background check of the tenant
  • Talk to the previous owner of the tenant
  • Do check tenant’s work place and keep a proof handy like his/her ID Card Copy and HR Number
  • Two reference number who will know about the tenant
  • Police NOC is Compulsory

Any Query then please get in touch with Spectraa Real Estate Advisory for assistance.

Tips on search for Rental Property

Few list of things to check before finalizing any property that will help your stay hassle-free

  • Check for the history of the Property if possible
  • Check the neighbours of your flat
  • Are external amenities attached with the property
  • Does external amenities come with any extra charges
  • Condition of the Property
  • Check if the Parking Spaces are part of the rent or charged separately
  • Does the Society charge for shifting called as Shifting Charges.
  • If the shifting charges are applicable then is it one time or charged twice (to and fro)
  • Check for essential services nearby and places which are easy to commute from your location.
  • Hire Spectraa Real Estate Advisory to assist you
Under Construction Property Guide

Coming Soon

With Guidance

Home Loan Guide

Coming Soon

With Full Tips and information.

Other Queries

Tips on how to Hire a Professional Real Estate Broker/Agent

Few tips that will help in identifying the right Professional Real Estate Broker/Agent for you

  • He/She should be well vested Real Estate Knowledge
  • He/She should know the Market, Pricing & Negotiation Skills
  • He/She should be well vested with the location & should be able to help you with Project comparison Analysis.
  • He/She should assist with end to end work in completion of the deal
  • Check his/her Testimonials of his/her work
  • He/She should be a full time Real Estate Agent

Tips for Vastu Shastra for your Dream Home

Few things to keep in mind if you believe in Vastu Shastra.

  • As per Vastu Shastra, the land where the apartment or flat is constructed should not be in an irregular form like Hexagonal or Triangle.
  • The flat should be constructed in a Rectangular or Square-shaped land.
  • Flat having North, East or North-West Entrance brings happiness to residents.
  • Flat having East & North-East are the best directions to have the Entrance.
  • Windows should be on the Northern & Eastern sides of the buildings.
  • The Bathroom Door should not be facing the Kitchen or Dining Hall
  • The Bathroom Drains should always flow in the North-East direction.
  • Puja room should be located in the North or East direction.
  • In the kitchen, the Stove should be placed in the East direction.
  • The Room for Children should be constructed in the Northwest Corner.
  • The Study Room should be adjacent to the Pooja Room as it is considered to be auspicious.
  • When one decides to paint their flats, they should avoid using colors like red, black or sky blue.

Please Note: Not All houses you see will be completely according to Vastu . So you need to use Vastu remedies to make it a vastu compliant house.  

Every culture follow different Vastu Shastra, so do consult your Vastu consultant before finalizing your home or Call Spectraa Real Estate Advisory for basic guidance

Brokerage Guide

Q: How Much Brokerage or Commission fees do you charge for your service

Every region charges different brokerages as per the work. The Below brokerage fees are for Mumbai Region

In SALE/PURCHASE of a Property

  • A) Where we act on behalf of both the buyer and seller, commission at the rate of 1% shall be paid by each party
  • B) Where we act on behalf of either the buyer or the seller, commission at the rate of 1% shall be paid by the party for whom the agent represents.


  • A) where we act on behalf of both the Leaser and Lessee/Tenant, commission at the rate of
    • a) 1 month’s rental shall be paid by each party if the agreement is for 3 years OR
    • b) 2 Months rental will be paid by each party if the agreement is beyond 3 years
  • B) where we act on behalf of either the Leaser or the Leasee/tenant, commission at the rate of
    • a) 1 month’s rental shall be paid if the Lease agreement is for 3 Years OR
    • b) 2 Month’s rentals will be paid if the Lease agreement is beyond 3 Years

Terms & Conditions of Payment

  • The Brokerage or commission fees have to be paid to us at the time of execution of the Deed of Transfer or Agreement for sale or Completion of the transaction or Possession of the said property, whichever is earlier

Please Note

  • In case of cancellation of the deal, the party whom we represent shall be entitled to pay Commission or Brokerage fees to Spectraa Real Estate Advisory.
  • Fees paid in the form of Brokerage, Commission, Service Charges or under any other name, shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

Government Taxes

  • Taxes are additional to the brokerage amount.
  • 18% GST applicable on the services of a Real Estate Broker – brokerage commission. It is the same for residential properties, commercial and industrial properties.